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I’ve been tagged by Alisha Paige to participate in the #Writing Process Blog Tour. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anyone who hadn’t participated in the blog hop already. This blog hop is to give you some idea of each author’s writing process and hopefully introduce you to new authors.

My four questions:

What am I working on?

Currently I’mclip-art-book working on the first book in my new series Lipstick and Lead. This series is about three sisters who have followed in their father’s footsteps and become bounty hunters. Each book will be the story of how that sister finds love and gives up or doesn’t give up bounty hunting.  So far I’m having a great time with these three kind of wild girls set in the wild west.

I’m also working on a story with my good friend and critique partner Kathy Shaw called Tutu. What would you do if suddenly you were the truelove fairy and had to save truelove.

How Does My Work Differ from Others of its Genre?

In my westerns, I’m trying to show kick-ass women who life has forced them to become strong women and take up occupations that they would not have chosen for themselves. It’s basically the same in my contemporaries. I like strong women who when faced with problems turn them to their advantage.

Why Do I Write What I do?

Whether it’s a contemporary or a western historical, I write stories I would want to read and that I love. My newest thing is don’t let it be boring. Whatever twist I try to pull on the plot of the story, it has to be fun and entertaining. If I’m not entertained then I know the reader won’t be either. As my author tagline says  Drama, Divas, Bad Boys and Romance.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

I’m mostly a plotter. When I first get a gem of an idea, I then think about it for awhile. Then I talk to my critique group about it and we sort of throw some ideas out. Why would she be doing this? What does she want in life? What would cause conflict between her and the hero? Once I have a goal, the motivation and the conflict, then I do a story board. I start with the beginning and then I go to the ending. What do the characters need to learn? From there, I plot backwards. Well if they need to learn X then Z will have to happen. When I’m writing a series, I have to know the basic threads of all three stories before I write page one.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember to check Alisha’s to learn more about her.BYOfPHfIMAAbn4Q