Touch of Decadence

About the Book

She needs a mate.

He needs a miracle.

The Fates think they need each other. 

Time is running out.  Bad-Date Daisy must mate with her one true love...or she could die.  Sure, she dreams of falling in love, getting married, and having children.  But for Daisy, there's an expiration date on her fertility--and who wants to mate with the witch who turns men into onoentaurs, sending them on their way?

But Daisy's spells don't work on Orion Krazolz, who came to earth searching for a witch powerful enough to save his kingdom--and his family. After one encounter with Daisy,  Orion's got other plans.  Now, it's up to Orion to convince Daisy to follow him back to his planet--the same planet destroyed all other witches years ago.  Will Daisy risk her life to find a future with her one true love or were the Fates wrong all along about Daisy and Orion?