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An independent woman. A protective father and a motherless child. Will love and family overcome her convictions?

Jesse McIntire is determined to protect his young daughter from the fate of his late wife, refusing to allow her to end up like a bored socialite ruled by wealth and prestige. When his father sends for a woman to take over his daughter’s academic training as well as her feminine etiquette, Jesse refuses to bow down to his father’s wishes.

Until he sees the beautiful and elegant teacher exit the train… She just might be what his daughter needs–and what he desires.

Dreaming of independence and self-worth that don’t require her to be shackled to any man, Pearl Weare denies her attraction to the rugged cowboy. But once she starts falling hard for the Colorado rancher, she must decide between what her heart wants and her convictions. 

Can she give her heart to the man who teaches her about home and family, while still holding firm to her beliefs?

“Pearl" is a sweet historical western romance novel of 50,000 words. One man, one woman and a small child with a guaranteed happily ever after. Previously named Faith. 

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