Nailing the Hit Man

About the Book

The Redhead with the Gun Won’t be Denied

Lipstick and Lead, the family business, has lasted four generations and this group of cousins is determined the business of bounty hunting will continue. Only thing is they hold a million dollar bond on a man who missed his court date. With the bond in default, they have thirty days left before the money is due.

Once again, Carson was mistaken for his criminal brother by a beautiful, sexy bounty hunter, who is determined to locate his twin. What the redhead doesn’t know is that he’s also searching for his sibling and this time the man has a lot of explaining to do about his role as a hit man.

With each one keeping a secret, the two search for Christopher only to have their secrets revealed.

Lipstick and Lead 2.0 – they always get their man.

If you like heart pounding action, laugh out loud comedy, and happily ever afters, then you’ll love Lipstick and Lead 2.0.

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Lipstick and Lead 2.0

  • Nailing the Hit Man
  • Nailing the Billionaire
  • Nailing the Single Dad

Lipstick and Lead Series (Historical)

  • Desperate
  • Deadly
  • Dangerous
  • Daring
  • Determined
  • Deceived
  • Defiant
  • Devious