Introducing Touch of Decadence!

Posted May 6 2016, 10:42 am

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Touch of DecadenceShe needs a mate.

He needs a miracle.

The Fates think they need each other. 

Time is running out.  Bad-Date Daisy must mate with her one true love…or she could die.  Sure, she dreams of falling in love, getting married, and having children.  But for Daisy, there’s an expiration date on her fertility–and who wants to mate with the witch who turns men into onoentaurs, sending them on their way?

But Daisy’s spells don’t work on Orion Krazolz, who came to earth searching for a witch powerful enough to save his kingdom–and his family. After one encounter with Daisy,  Orion’s got other plans.  Now, it’s up to Orion to convince Daisy to follow him back to his planet–the same planet destroyed all other witches years ago.  Will Daisy risk her life to find a future with her one true love or were the Fates wrong all along about Daisy and Orion? 


This one was incredibly fun to write because, though I loved Bewitched as a kid, I’ve never before written a character who is a witch. This is also my first foray into Sci-Fi , and it was just thrilling to combine my signature lighthearted, funny style with this brand new genre. Writing this book was an escape I desperately needed, because during this time, my father was dying. Every day, when it was time to shift my focus from the real world into this fantastical world grounded with real emotion, real character quirks, and crazy adventures, I just became completely immersed. Orion has become one of my favorite heroes of all time. He’s got that balance between tough and nice that so many men struggle with. The humor throughout this book lifted my spirits, and the characters I created were made with so much love.


Touch of Decadence is set in the Kindle World created by my good friend S.E. Smith which all began with Touch of Frost, the book that gave us a town in New Mexico populated by magical characters of all kinds. So for those of you who love a series, I promise you won’t lack for companion novels with this world! They can be read in any order (but you can start with mine if you insist. *wink, wink*).

My ebook can be found here 

and you can check out the others here and here

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