Cupid’s Heart

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Drew Lawrence knew his day of reckoning had come. No longer could he avoid doing the Cupid Stupid dance all because he joined in with his brothers and agreed to the bet. But he never dreamed they would lose and the idea of dancing naked around the statue to meet your true love was ridiculous.

Who believed this crazy superstition.

Now here he stood in the town square, in the buff waiting for the church clock to strike midnight, waiting to fulfill his part of the gamble he'd made with his future brother-in-law, childhood friend, Cody. Thank goodness there was a park that surrounded the God of Love giving cover from main street, in Cupid, Texas.

"Are you ready?" Cody asked.

"I'm naked aren't I?" Drew asked, his hands over his privates. The weather had warmed enough, he didn't have to worry about frostbite, but still this was crazy. As an attorney, he knew the penalties of being caught.

"Remember three laps around chanting, 'oh Cupid Statue find me my true love."

"Really?" he said, looking at his friend. They'd known each other since they were children. "You believe this sculpture brought you and my sister together?"

"Scout's honor," Cody said.

"Jim and Kyle warned me you left them without clothing. Are you going to steal my stuff?"

Cody grinned. "Nah, it wouldn't work a second time."

"Well, just in case. I'm prepared." He held up his hand. "Car keys in hand and a pair of jeans and a shirt in the car. Cell phone in the car. Remember, I'm a lawyer who tries to think of all angles."

"I didn't force you to make the bet. As I recall, you guys didn't believe your little sister could fall for me."

Drew shook his head. "Like my brothers, I'm going to keep my part of the wager. Three laps and I'm out of here. And to make certain the Sheriff is busy, Mrs. Raffensperger's cat is once again fighting in the alley."

"Good, he'll be occupied." His friend glanced at his watch as the bells began to chime. "Time to go."

Growling at the absurdness of this humiliation because that's all it was, he took off, a ball cap covering his junk, his keys in the other hand.

"Oh Cupid statue find me my true love, so I can put my clothes back on," Drew said laughing. With a sputter, the lights that normally light up the sculpture went dark. That was odd. But he kept running, hoping to get this over with.

During his second lap, he closed his eyes for a moment as he came around the corner and slammed into a body.

Startled, he raised his fists up ready to fight off his attacker and was stunned to recognize Chloe Kilian, the preacher's daughter.

"What the hell?"

"Oh no," she screeched trying to cover all her very nice curves that she obviously had kept hidden away all these years.

"What are you doing here?" he asked stunned.

With her arm across her breasts and her hand covering her privates, she glared at him. "The same thing you're doing."

Chloe would believe he was running to find a lover, not to fulfill a bet. And if the superstition could possibly be true, she would be his love. That thought had him laughing out loud.

"I hardly think this is funny," she said with a hiss.

Just then he heard Cody voice louder than normal. "Good evening officer Ryan. What brings you out tonight."

"Someone called in a fake problem with Mrs. Raffensperger's cat. That pussy lost all nine lives a week ago. So someone must be trying to keep me busy while they danced around Cupid. Whose clothes are those?"

Drew cursed quietly. Ryan Jones, the sheriff was standing on the other side of the statue.