Countdown to Christmas

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BellsLast year I asked the readers of my newsletter to send me their favorite Christmas recipe. For the month of December, I’m going to feature the recipes I received. Linda B. sent me this recipe last year and she is eligible for a free ebook of her choice.

To win a chance at a $25 Gift card, post a message and tell me what was the best Christmas of your life? Why? Be sure to leave an email address, so that I can get in touch with you.

My favorite holiday recipe is for chocolate cake with fruit. Sent in by Linda B. 

Prepare a boxed chocolate cake mix according to the directions.  Spoon canned pie filling over mixture in the pan. (I have used apple, cherry, peach and raspberry. Raspberry is my favorite.). Bake according to directions. If a toothpick inserted into center of cake does not come out clean, bake until toothpick is clean. The fruit is now on the bottom. Spread cool whip on cooled cake and serve. Store leftovers in refrigerator. Delicious!!!

Deadly final CFrom Deadly:

“Zach Gillespie, wants a quiet, retiring, woman who wears a dress and has tea parties. Do I look like that kind of woman?”


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  1. Quilt Lady says:

    When my son was little about 3 or4 the look in his eyes on Christmas morning after Santa had come was priceless. He is 25 now and it seems like the magic of Christmas is gone now. There is nothing like Christmases when your children are young.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

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