Dirt Pie from Leeanne H.

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We’re still on vacation. Until we return, another recipe from the newsletter giveaway. This one is from Leeanne H. Who doesn’t love Oreos.   My favorite holiday desert– dirt pie!  1 large bag Oreos (1 1/4 lb. bag)8 ounces package of cream cheese, softened1 stick margarine1 cup powdered sugar 2 large packages of instant vanilla pudding3 cups […]


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Cherries On A Cloud from Cynthia B.

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Sylvia is on vacation this week and thought maybe you’d like to see some recipes from the newsletter contest.  This one was from Cynthia B.  Use a 13 x 9 inch pan that has been well-buttered and floured or two 9 inch glass pie plates both well-buttered and floured as well.  7 egg whites, at […]


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Ho Ho Ho!!

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Yes, we are well into the Christmas season. Black Friday has come and gone and now we’re on that roller coaster that takes us to the day the big man arrives. Have you finished your shopping? We had a marathon trip yesterday that left me exhausted, but we’re officially done.  So what are you doing […]



Merry Christmas Friday the 13th?

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Does anyone besides me think it’s odd that we’re having a Friday 13th in December? I’m not particularly superstitious about the day, but now when I think of this day, I remember the movie. Friday The 13th with Freddy Krueger. No, I didn’t see the entire movie. It’s not my kind of film, and after […]



Happy Holidays!

Posted Dec 9 2013

Christmas will soon be behind us, and 2013 is rapidly coming to a close. With the end of 2013 days away, I can’t help but reflect about everything I have to be grateful for as we roll into 2014. This may just be another authors website to you, but to me, I’m so grateful to […]


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The Littlest Angel by Vicki Batman

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Welcome Guest blogger Vicki Batman to today’s blog! When a young girl, our next door neighbor gave my mother an angel which was put on top of our tree for many Christmases. The littlest angel doesn’t look like something that special, but to me, she is. Years later, Mom was given a more elaborate one […]



Not a History Buff by Pamela Stone

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 I freely admit that history was not my favorite subject in school. Memorizing dates, fur-get-it. Why did I need to remember some silly date that had long passed? It’s like, uh, history. But one date stands out in my mind; December 7, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor. The beginning of WWII. I find […]



On the First Day of Christmas…

Posted Dec 2 2013

Welcome to my blog. During this month of holiday celebration, be sure to stop by and leave a comment every Monday and Friday until December 20th. Every blogger will be giving away a free book during this first month. Yes, I know what you’re thinking another blog. Another place someone wants me to stop and […]